Holloware pieces for table
Holloware pieces for dessert
Holloware pieces for bar and wine at the table
Holloware pieces for serving champagne
Holloware pieces for kitchen

Holloware pieces

With approximately 400 references,
the Orfèvrerie de France range is made to answer
the most demanding requests from catering professionals.

From the kitchen to the table, for room service or the dining room,
at the bar or for the wine service a full range of products
adapted to professional use, matching all styles,
playing on simplicity to upscale luxury.

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At the table

Holloware pieces for table

Vegetable dishes, tureens, stew dishes, salt shakers,
shakers, mills, platters, plate heaters, service dishes,
finger bowls, presentation plates, bell covers.

About dessert

Holloware pieces for dessert

Truffle plates, pie plates, bakery plates, cake plates,
multi-level plates, bowls, ice-cream bowls, fruit refresher bowls.

The kitchen

Holloware pieces for kitchen

Saucepans, cooking pots, frying pans, soufflé dishes, oven dishes,
bowls for restaurant, oval dishes, round dishes, sauce-boats.

At the bar and wine at the table

Holloware pieces for bar and wine at the table

Punch bowls, shakers, holding support for wine buckets,
ice buckets, lemonade trays, bowls, champagne buckets,
wine buckets, baskets for wine bottle.

Breakfast and service

Holloware pieces for breakfast and service

Large service trays, small trays, coffee and tea services,
bread baskets and plates, crumb collectors, butter-dishes.