Orfèvrerie de France

Dedicated to the « Art de la table »

The cutlery is part of the setting;
it brings style and elegance to a set table.

Therefore, sober or sophisticated, flatware must always be a beautiful
object that one enjoys to see and mostly one enjoys holding.

ts balance, the precise and elegant lines will make it
a “tool” much appreciated to use and the perfect partner
for the savoring of an exceptional dish.

High quality materials

Only high quality materials are used in our workshops,
typically used for holloware pieces.

The nickel silver, common alloy used for goldsmithing
and the “goldsmith’ quality brass which can be found in many items.

18-10 stainless steel which is worked with the same tools as
for the nickel silver products. This is the secret which makes
the Orfèvrerie de France Classic Steel collection,
a range of unique products on the steel flatware market.

A semi hand-made production

At the beginning of the 19th century, in the Vosges
appeared an industry of flatware covered with wrought iron
then later a goldsmith cutlery using plated silver nickel.

The Orfèvrerie de France flatware is still produced in the same area,
with a semi hand-made technique, since nothing could replace
the savoir-faire and the complexity of a production
which requires more than 30 different steps.

The balance and elegance of cutlery require this complexity!

Repair & re-silvering

At your service, Orfèvrerie de France provides repair
and re-silvering services to catering professionals taking
into account their demanding requests.
More than a provider, Orfèvrerie de France, is a real partner,
ensuring that the best solution is provided to our customers.